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“Think training is expensive…try ignorance.”
-Peter Drucker

We offer Heating and Cooling Curriculums designed for students and entry level technicians to learn new behaviors and assist in developing skills.

Our Mission is to improve technical proficiency one technician at a time.

HVAC Simulator self study, heating curriculum

HVAC Programs

Digital and Desktop Simulators, along with the corresponding Workbooks, can be used by an instructor in a classroom setting.

The HVAC Simulator – Heating Curriculum – Students will gain a better understanding Sequence of Operation, Schematic Reading, and Electrical Diagnostics in a controlled classroom environment.

The HVAC Simulator – Comfort Cooling Curriculum – Students will gain a better understanding of applying refrigeration theory to different scenarios.


The Heating and Comfort Cooling curriculums are designed to maximize the learning process without an investment of training manager time.


Entry level technicians can learn the Sequence of Operations, Schematic Reading, and Electrical Diagnostics without any investment of time from the contractor. The HVAC Simulator Heating Curriculum is designed as a self-study course with the assistance of a seasoned technician.

Classroom & Learning Material

All HVAC Simulators include the curriculum with purchase.  Curriculums have been designed to improve critical thinking and problem solving skills and can be used in a classroom setting and/or as a self-study.  Grab your free sample curriculum for the 


Meet the Team



Product Manager

Dirk is a self-taught programmer, who created the original prototype for the sole purpose of teaching a friend who he introduced to the HVAC industry. Currently, Dirk is employed as a Training Manager and Commercial Tech Support Field Representative for contractors through a Carrier distributor.



Office Manager

Jen brings her organizational skills and drive. Jen has a background in the science field and is married to an engineer. She understands the importance of education and training to be successful. She keeps the business rolling with scheduling and behind the scenes paperwork.

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