Comfort Cooling Simulator


The Comfort Cooling Digital Simulator will allow students / technicians to gain a better understanding of applying refrigeration theory to different scenarios.

This program focuses on basic theory of refrigeration for HFC and A2L refrigerants. Skills include importance of CFM, identifying phases of refrigerant and applying knowledge to new install and diagnostics.

Note: Technician workbook is required for use with the Digital Comfort Cooling Simulator.  You can download the workbook through the module or you can purchase a hardcopy of the workbook.

**This Digital Simulator can be used in a classroom setting or as a self-study course.

The average time to complete the program is approximately 3 hours.

Hosted by ESCO Institute.  License is 120 days.

This course will benefit technicians at all levels of their career; students, apprentices and practicing technicians who want to improve their understanding of the fundamentals and applying that knowledge to installations and diagnostics. This simulator can be used independently, or as a supplement for programs in the classroom.

This Comfort Cooling Simulator covers the following:

  • Refrigeration Fundamentals
  • Noninvasive System Check
  • Diagnostic Conditions
  • Blower Performance - Airflow, Airflow, Airflow
  • ABC's of Comfort Cooling (Airflow Before Charge)