Electrical HVAC Simulator
Heating and Cooling Curriculum
Technician Version


This Electrical HVAC Simulator – digital version – was designed for entry level technicians to assist in developing technical skills, reading schematic diagrams, and troubleshooting diagnostics.

This model simulates the Carrier (59SC5B), Bryant (915SB), Payne (PG95E), and ICP (R95ESN) single stage furnace with constant torque ECM motor, with 16 heating and 16 cooling faults.

The Technician Workbook is available for download through the module for both the Heating and Cooling Curriculums.

This simulator can be used independently, or as a supplement for programs utilizing the desktop version of the Electrical HVAC Simulator, allowing for continued practice of skills outside the classroom.  The desktop and digital versions follow the same curriculum.

In addition to covering the 16 different fault codes, the Curriculum will cover the following:

  • Component Sequence of Operation
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation
  • Schematic Reading
  • Schematic Drawing
  • Electrical Multimeter Usage
  • Manufacturer’s Nuances


Hosted by ESCO Institute.  Digital Access is for 120 days.